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We assist by letting you focus on your business, while we create and implement strategic business solutions, not only tailored to your budget but also to your level of expectation. For us, every client is a valued client. MF Consulting is built on five pivotal cornerstones: a sterling reputation, service excellence, personalised attention, innovative thinking, and integrity. We call this the MF Consulting promise.

our pedigree

At MF Consulting, our specialty lies in working behind the scenes to make you shine! With more than 25 years of experience in the Financial, Corporate, Retail, and Consulting sectors, we have managed big events, large-scale public relations, brand management, strategic marketing, media liaison, and digital marketing campaigns. We are your dedicated partner in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of the digital marketing world and crafting compelling strategies customised to your needs to elevate your brand’s online presence and engagement.

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Digital Marketing

We have a hand-selected network of preferred service providers that work closely with MF Consulting to provide showcase website design, expert photography, and specialised graphic design services. Contact us to put you in touch.


Keep your audience informed and engaged with captivating newsletters. We design and curate content that resonates with your audience, fostering strong connections and enhancing brand loyalty.


Crafting compelling and relevant content is our forte. Our experts create captivating narratives, visuals, and multimedia that not only tell your brand story but also drive engagement and boost SEO rankings.


Shape a positive image for your brand in the public eye with our strategic public relations approach. We ensure your brand’s message reaches the right audience through effective communication and media relations.


Let us help you define and showcase your unique brand identity. Our brand marketing strategies focus on creating a strong brand presence, enhancing brand recognition, and fostering customer trust and loyalty.

Social Media Community

Engage, interact, and build a vibrant community around your brand. Our social media experts create compelling content including eye-catching designs, advertising, fostering meaningful connections, and driving growth on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and YouTube.

Google Analytics &
Google Advertising

Leverage the power of data and precision targeting with our expertise in Google Analytics and Google Advertising. Optimise your campaigns for maximum ROI, reaching your target audience with pinpoint accuracy.

Loyalty and Rewards

Delight your customers and encourage repeat business through enticing loyalty and rewards programmes. We partner with Mahala Loyalty to design personalised solutions to drive customer satisfaction, retention, and advocacy, boosting your brand’s success.

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no one is an island

We have a hand-selected network of preferred service providers that work closely with MF Consulting to provide showcase website design, expert photography, and specialised graphic design services. Contact us to put you in touch.

let's innovate together

Join hands with MF Consulting to unlock the true potential of your brand in the digital realm. Let’s embark on a journey to redefine your online presence and create memorable experiences for your audience.

Don’t listen to us

Listen to what our clients are saying

We have been working with Mel since February 2023.  During that time, she has taken our social media management, website content, and client engagement through monthly newsletters to the next level. We consider Mel and MF Consulting a valuable asset to the W!T Evolution team.


I can confidently say that Melanie’s expertise and dedication have been instrumental in the success of three of our companies. Her strategic insights and guidance have reshaped our business, leading to remarkable improvements in our operations and bottom line. Her unwavering commitment to our goals and her ability to translate complex ideas into actionable plans set her apart in the consulting world. Melanie also possesses a keen understanding of industry trends, allowing her to provide forward-thinking solutions that keep us ahead of the curve.


Mel has been consulting with us at Mahala Loyalty Programme as a wordsmith of repute, marketing lead, and generator of brilliant ideas within our marketing department. With her input, our marketing team’s quality of work has improved significantly, and our member base has responded well to her insets. We often find great feedback regarding our mail campaigns because of Melanie. I’ve always put a premium on quality work among my team members and Melanie never failed to deliver.


We have been making use of Melanie’s service in her capacity as our social media guru for our garage door business. She has confidently exceeded our expectations and has a very creative mind.  Melanie is a true team player and always considers her clients’ input where she will then go back to her drawing board and incorporate it into something even better.


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